Improve Your Child’s Grammar by Hiring an English Tutor in Singapore

Improve Your Child’s Grammar by Hiring an English Tutor in Singapore

Improving your child’s grammar is important in Singapore

Grammar is an integral part of the English language. Parents in Singapore strive to ensure that not only do their children get the best education, but to also learn proper English grammar so they can use the language for their career future. Parents understand that with proper grammar, their children can communicate well, understand instructions, and do better in their school work. However, if your child is having difficulties with his/her English subject, there is a lot of hope in hiring an English tutor in Singapore (such as from FamilyTutor – English tutor) as well as using other effective ways to learn English.

Invest in good reading materials

To improve your child’s English grammar, parents can invest in good reading materials in English. This doesn’t just mean buying grammar and educational books. Find out what your child loves to read. If he/she loves novels, buy some. Even graphic novels in English now can help your child learn and practice English. If your child loves certain magazines, by all means, buy them. Parents with a sizable book or reading collection can show them to their children. You’ll be surprised how children love to explore any reading material they can get their hands on, especially if it’s already in a library at home.

Play word games in any form

Word games can introduce your child to vocabulary that is essential to mastering English grammar. There are an endless number of word games out there that are fun and interesting. There are online games for computers or smartphones. The latter can be played by your child anywhere he/she goes. Try out some fun word board games to introduce your child to something different. Try out some grammar games similar to TV games like Jeopardy.

Hire an English tutor

As mentioned earlier, you can help your child catch up in English or to improve grammar learning. Private English tutors have been known to turn around even the most left-behind student in the classroom. A tutor can help your child learn a lot more compared to what a crowded classroom environment can offer. These tuition professionals are qualified and experienced to guide any student to master the English subject using the basics. English tuition is effective because the student in private home tutoring sessions will not be embarrassed to ask the tutor anything, something the student may be afraid to ask in a normal classroom setting. Investing in a FamilyTutor as early as possible may mean that by the time the student reaches JC, it will no longer be necessary to have further home tuition since a strong English language foundation has been established.

The general benefits of one-to-one tuition

One-to-one private tuition for English is suitable for students who need intensive help and are struggling to keep up with their classroom lessons. Private tuition is also good for students who are already doing well but need to further polish their English skills in a particular area, perhaps in grammar. While group tuition may be relatively cheaper than private home tuition, the student is placed in an environment almost similar to a classroom. The focus of tutoring should be to ferret out any weaknesses and difficulties in the student’s learning process rather than interacting with other students in a classroom. Also, group tuition’s main disadvantage is that the student needs to commute to the group tuition location. A private tutor’s teaching sessions are all done in the student’s home.

At FamilyTutor

Getting your child to learn good English grammar doesn’t have to be that hard. As long as parents can provide a good learning atmosphere at home and enlist the services of FamilyTutor, they can expect their child to no longer be hard up in catching up. Their English grammar foundation will also be strengthened. Parents should do this as early as possible for their child to have a strong foundation for JC and beyond. A child with excellent mastery of English grammar will be full of confidence because he/she can speak and communicate with anyone without fear of being misunderstood. Visit the FamilyTutor website today and discover one of the best private tuition agencies in Singapore known for its high-quality tutoring services.

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