Common Sump Pump Problems

Homeowners with a basement floor use a submersible or a pedestal sump pump. Yet, most homes have a submersible sump pump for durability and warranty reasons. Sump pumps do maintenance and repair work. Here, I have described some common sump pump problems every household will find. Such issues would not arise if you brought the top brand of sump pump online.

Poor Performance

Most homeowners do DIY work and choose the wrong size sump pump. A low-capacity sump pump in a large sump pit will not work well when it rains continuously. It will cause flooding in your basement as the sump pump cannot pump out all the water in that pit. On the other hand, you will buy a high-power sump pump, and the pit will be small. Here, auto on and off happens frequently. It can cause electrical failures with relay switches. Thus, poor performance can cause overload, heat up the motor, burn the coil, and wear out soon. Thus, choose the right size sump pump based on your basement.

Improper Installation 

The submersible sump pump’s proper installation matters to get the best out of its performance. Often, such sump pumps are fixed or installed before the rainy season starts. Thus, you might have done so with a test by pouring some water to see if the sump pump works or not. During the rain, it will cause many tensions due to not working. A submersible type will not be visible from the outside. Thus, improper installation will lead to spillover from the sump pit. It is advisable to buy a sump pump of submersible type with the right size of sump bin. It will not cause any improper installation issues.   

Electrical Faults

Switching faults happen when it is not used for a longer time. Yet, regular maintenance before the rain starts will help you to avoid such electrical faults. If you stay near the seafront, rusting of switches and submersible sump pumps internal components will happen. Such faults will not happen when you buy a top-quality sump pump online. It is advisable to check the electrical grade used in a sump pump’s external wiring, fixture, and switching components.

Power Outage

Power cuts happen during stormy wind and rain. In such times a sump pump without any power backup will not work. Thus, homeowners must buy a sump pump with power backups. They function with batteries backed power when a power outage happens. Thus, your basement floor will not get wet during rain and floods.

Clogged Pipes

Clogging in the sump pump’s internal and external pipes is a common fault you can experience during the rain. These are external factors that you have to keep neat and clean your basement floor. It is advisable to clean the sump pit before the rain starts.


Submersible sump pump online is the best to buy and get quality products from top brands. It would help if you could check the dimensions and technical features before you buy. They are with 10+year warranty. They cause fewer electrical and mechanical faults.


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