Best Project Management Software List 2023

Best Project Management Software List 2023

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software, in simple terms, is a tool to help you plan, manage, and execute your projects in a systematic way. A wide variety of companies use project management software to facilitate planning, resource allocation, and scheduling activities. Project Management used to be a manual process that followed a specific methodology. Project Management software allows users or organizations to carry out all steps of Project Management using a particular tool that is usually tailored to the needs of their project/team.

Projects are a collection of interrelated tasks, each with its own unique characteristics. Project management software is essential because it allows managers to analyze and plan tasks efficiently and determine the best paths for their team during task execution.

According to the Marketing Agencies Growth Report, agencies have found that the absence of a project management system is one of their most challenging aspects. Agencies are faced with daily challenges because they can’t manage their time and project effectively. About 20% have never used project management software.

Let’s take a look at the top Project Management Software/ Tools available to help teams carry out their projects in a professional manner, ensuring competitiveness.

Atlassian Jira

Atlassian’s Jira Project Management Software is flexible enough for different projects. Either a user or a group can choose to use a template project or create their own workflow. Jira tasks track each step of the project before they are completed, just like any Project Management tool. A Jira automation engine allows a user to automate his or her tasks. Jira software allows users to generate reports that track productivity and progress. Jira is a well-known player on the market. However, it has only the most basic features and many of the required add-ons can be purchased for a fee.

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  • Backlog Management
  • Automation for Business
  • Change Management


  • Complex User Interface
  • Subscriptions include limited features
  • No collaborative communication
  • AI is only limitedly used

Ovrview of Asana Software

Asana allows users to showcase their work and tasks as a process. Asana software allows users to connect their work and collaborate with other teams. The user can organize their work with various features such as calendars, Gantt charts, and To-Do lists. The software has a simple user interface that allows users to move between tasks. It also supports integrations with tools like Slack and Dropbox.


  • Budget Management
  • Client Portal
  • Kanban Board
  • Portfolio Management


  • Export only limited formats
  • Time tracking is not available (need an external add-on).


Monday is an open platform. It aims to bring together teams to collaborate, move projects along, and ensure that all stakeholders align. Monday’s unique feature is the ability to invite third-party stakeholders to collaborate on projects. The user can set the rights of third-party users, but it is still possible to keep the project safe and under the control of the organization. Access to updates and budget approvals can be accessed by the user. Monday software facilitates quick decision-making through easy collaboration.


  • Planning Activity
  • Resource Management
  • Tracking bugs
  • Sales Forecast


  • Reporting features are limited
  • There are no advanced Kanban features, only a basic view of Kanbans
  • No dependency view


Trello is a simple and easy-to-use Project Management tool. Users can spend more time doing the work than trying to learn how it works. Trello is well-known for its cards. It allows users to organize and manage their work from start to end. Users can assign tasks, manage due dates and attach files among other features. Trello software allows users to drag and drop tasks as their progress changes.

Trello allows collaboration through integrations with key tools such as Google Drive, Slack, and Jira. Trello’s “Power-Up” allows users to upgrade on specific project tasks as and when they are needed. These “Power-Ups” include both free and paid features that enhance the user’s project management experience.


  • It is simple to use
  • Easy collaboration


  • Congested UI
  • Low storage
  • No Gantt Chart
  • Integration with MS Project is not possible


Basecamp, a web-based tool for team collaboration, is very popular. The software allows teams to collaborate on events, projects, and other tasks. It helps businesses manage their workflow and improve communication between teams of all sizes. It lets users create projects, assign tasks, chat, attach files, track progress, and update the status of team members. Basecamp software offers a chat room called Campfire, and a message board to track project conversations.


  • Simple interface and is easy to use
  • Ability to create projects that are client-specific
  • Cross-device integration
  • Built-in communication features


  • External service is not required for time tracking.
  • There are no analytical tools that can offer advanced features.
  • You can only customize the settings
  • Chat management is limited


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