What is Web Development? Platforms & Tools

What is Web Development? Platforms & Tools

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Technology plays an important role in our daily lives. It surrounds us in the most ordinary places, performs mundane tasks and provides a place to create great inventions. All the websites and software we use to make our lives easier are developed by web developers. However, for most of us the concept of web development is still vague, so let’s start here and learn more about what web development is.

In the process of web development, developers create sites and applications for intranets, private networks or the Internet. It focuses not on the design of the site, but mainly on programming and coding, which is the main reason why websites work.

Web design concepts cover the development and maintenance of websites, including web programming, web publishing and small database management. It also covers different tools and techniques for developing websites, such as text editors that allow you to code web pages by hand, Dreamweaver for creating web pages, using blog sites to update blogs, and others.

Web development includes all the web tools and sites we commonly use, from simple and basic websites to complex web applications and social networking platforms, from many online stores to content management systems (CMS). And all these tools and sites are built by web developers.

Web development platforms

In today’s world, websites are not a trend, they are a necessity. To survive and succeed in this digital age, no matter how small or large the organization is, it is important to have a website and use web methods to reach people. Today, people also create their own websites to share information or personal experiences with others. Some of the most popular platforms for creating a website are.

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Jimdo


WordPress is one of the most effective web development platforms used to create web pages. It consists of 62 different programming languages, easy for people to understand and use. This is a free website that offers various web hosting options. Also, there are many customization options, templates, etc. that allow users to create their own her webpage on this platform.


Wix is ​​another amazing and popular website building platform that is often used.It allows you to choose from a wide variety of features and layouts available for your website in just a few clicks. It’s a convenient and easy platform that allows you to create a blog along with your online store.

Drag-and-drop functionality makes the site easy to use, even for new users. You can also choose a blank template in Wix to build your page from scratch. We also offer a free storage plan with limited bandwidth. You can also opt for Wix Premium if you prefer.


Weebly is one of the most user-friendly website development platforms. It consists of drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to create well-designed web pages. It also includes plugins that allow users to easily add new features and update web pages.

Like Wix, it helps you move items around efficiently and add functionality to your site when you need it. However, users can only add these features to predefined areas of the web page, such as the footer or main content area of ​​the web page. Also, the user can switch templates over and over to get the perfect look for her website under construction.


Jimdo is another name on the list of popular web development platforms. Build your website without hassle. This his website building platform is based on templates that allow you to design attractive, eye-catching and responsive websites with little to no programming skills or knowledge. We support all types of businesses including e-commerce opportunities, portfolios and more.

Editing colors, backgrounds or fonts is easy and can be done with just a few clicks and drags. These templates help you create custom websites for your use and purpose. You can change the perspective of your web page by changing the template while saving your work.

Most popular web development tools

There are various tools that web developers can use to create functional websites efficiently and easily. With these tools, you can create rich websites with easy-to-use user interfaces. Commonly used web development tools include:

  • GitHub
  • Sass
  • CodePen
  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript
  • Sketch
  • JQuery
  • Sublime Text
  • Bootstrap
  • Grunt
  • Chrome DevTools
  • NPM
  • Visual Studio Code


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