What Dog Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy? | New Dog Shopping List 

What Dog Supplies Do I Need For A New Puppy? | New Dog Shopping List 

You need to plan a new dog shopping list before getting a new one. The preparation of pet supplies and accessories will help your new tiny friends get used to the living environment faster and also help them practice good habits from the very beginning. So what are the most important dog supplies that are indispensable here? Let’s find out in this article.

Basic pet supplies 

House for dogs – dog supplies

If your dog is small, it might not control its bladder and go to the bathroom indiscriminately if you do not pay attention. Getting your dog a new house will ensure this doesn’t happen because a dog’s instinct is not to defecate where it is. Puppies grow very quickly, so when buying a house for your dogs, consider the size carefully. Make sure that when your dog is grown up, he can stand and sit comfortably in the house. Choosing a good house should be on your new dog shopping list. Make sure to use Petsmart $10 off $30 in-store to get a stunning dog house without spending too much.  

In case you have a large garden space, you can put a dog house outside without fear of sunny or rainy weather. 

Mattress for dogs to sleep

The sleeping place for cats and dogs is also very important. Puppies will feel strange after going to their new home. Give them a warm and quiet resting place. After a tiring day of play and exercise, a place to rest is essential.

In particular, if there are kids in your family, the area for dogs should be clearly arranged. You can keep the dog mattress right in their house to save space as well as help your pets have a fully equipped home.

Dog food bowl

For delicious meals, buy your dog a cute bowl. A double bowl can be very suitable for holding food and drinks. Some dog food stores even have automatic feeding bowls. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to feed your puppy on time. Or if you’re not at home, that’s okay, just set a timer to let the food flow automatically. Use a $10 Petco coupon to finish your new dog shopping list on a budget. You can also visit FindCouponHere and get many discounts on dog food to have your new dog a good taste. 

Protective equipment and accessories for dogs

Nameplates, collars, and leashes

You must have given your dog a cute name to make it easier for people around you to recognize your dog through the name tag. A name tag with full information such as your dog’s name, date of birth, breed, and phone number is essential. In case the dog is busy playing and gets lost, people can contact you as quickly as possible. A nameplate combined with a necklace ensures the most certainty and safety.

To be able to control pets and ensure safety, the use of collars and leashes is extremely necessary. It is one of the indispensable dog and cat accessories. Collars for dogs can be made of leather, fabric, or stainless steel… These are durable materials that won’t hurt the dog when used. You can choose the material and type of necklace depending on your specific use.

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For small breeds, a leather or fabric collar should be used. Large breed dogs such as Husky, Samoyed, and Alaska… should use a sturdy collar or a leash. With these accessories, you can take your dog for a walk and play safely. Therefore, quickly note these into your new dog shopping list. 

Muzzles for dogs

Dogs also need to be protected by cute muzzles when going out. This will help keep your dog from eating strange and dangerous foods. At the same time, the use of muzzles for dogs also helps you protect the surrounding community. Avoid the risk that your dog may bite and attack strangers he meets.

Based on the size of the dog’s mouth, you can choose the most suitable “mask”. Some muzzles are also designed specifically for different dog breeds such as muzzles for Poodle, Beagle, Pug, and Rottweiler dogs…

Dog transport bag

Dogs can’t always stay in the house. Sometimes you need to take your puppy for a walk, go out or go to the spa to bathe or groom. So how can both move safely? Having a pet in a car can be very dangerous. The noise of traffic and the dizzying movement of the street can frighten your dog. They can run away and pose a danger.

To solve this problem, you can add convenient dog items such as bags, slings, transport backpacks, etc to the new dog shopping list. Dog carrier bags made from fabric, and leather are durable and easy to clean. With this item, you and your dog can go anywhere together.

Supplies for dogs to go to the bathroom

Letting the dog defecate in the cage can sometimes cause unsanitary conditions in the pet’s accommodation. Instead, buy dog ​​litter boxes and toilets. These dog supplies ensure the right place for the puppy to go to the toilet. A dog’s toilet habits are very important, so train it to be disciplined from the beginning. To make it easier for you, PetCo Vs PetSmart training courses are highly recommended. 

There are many sizes and styles of trays and toilets to suit both large and small dogs. If you don’t want to be in a situation where the dog goes to the bathroom and runs around the room or the smell of waste fills the living space, a dog litter box is the best choice in the new dog shopping list.

Dog supplies to support healthcare

  • Dog Grooming Comb: This is a dog tool that helps keep your dog looking good with a soft coat. Especially with poodles like the Poodle.
  • Dog nail clippers: Cutting nails is not an easy job and neither the owner nor the dog likes it. But you should try to get your dog used to this from an early age. Also, make it a habit to trim your dog’s toenails once a week. Shower once a week.
  • Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Be sure to buy products specifically made for dogs. Try to find a brush that has two large and small heads for ease of use. Even adult dogs do. Specialized dog toothpaste can be swallowed without danger to the dog.
  • Dog Shower Gel: Use dog shampoo to keep them clean and smelling good. Avoid harmful agents such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, mites, and lice… The use of human shower gel will cause allergies, dry skin, and hair tangles for dogs. You should be aware of this issue.

If you don’t have too much to go grooming for your dog, or do not have enough supplies, a professional salon for pet grooming is a good choice. Check out this PetSmart vs PetCo comparison to decide which one you should choose for your small friend.  Follow clicktoway.com to update the latest articles.

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