The Magic of Lumiere in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The Magic of Lumiere in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a beloved classic that has enchanted children and adults alike for decades. One of the most magical characters in the film is Lumiere, the charismatic and mischievous candelabra. Lumiere’s charm and wit make him a fan favorite and his story is one that is filled with adventure and mystery. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of Lumiere and his importance to Beauty and the Beast.

The History of Lumiere:

Lumiere is a character from Disney’s 1991 animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. He is an enchanted candelabra who is tasked by the Beast to take care of Belle during her stay at the castle. Lumiere is a beloved character whose origins can be traced back to the original fairy tale by French author Madame de Villeneuve. In the original story, he is described as a ā€œliving candelabra,ā€ which is similar to his depiction in the Disney version.

Lumiere’s Role in Beauty and the Beast:

In Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere is one of the primary characters. He serves as a confidant and advisor to both the Beast and Belle. Lumiere is also the one who encourages the Beast to court Belle, which ultimately leads to their happy ending. He also serves as a source of comic relief and is often seen cavorting with his sidekick, the teapot Mrs. Potts.

Lumiere’s Impact on Pop Culture:

Since the release of Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere has become one of the most popular characters in Disney’s repertoire. He has been featured in various spin-off media, including the stage musical, which debuted on Broadway in 1994. Lumiere has also been featured in various video games, as well as in merchandise and collectibles.

Lumiere’s Legacy:

Lumiere has become a timeless symbol of friendship and loyalty. He is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, friendship and love can still thrive. His story has inspired countless generations and has become a beloved part of Disney’s canon.


The character of Lumiere is an iconic part of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and his story will continue to captivate audiences for years to come. Lumiere’s legacy is one of friendship, loyalty, and love, and his story will remain a timeless reminder of the power of these virtues.


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