Netflix Free Streaming Movies in 2022: What to Expect

Netflix Free Streaming Movies in 2022: What to Expect

The movie industry has changed dramatically in the last few decades, but the popularity of Netflix suggests. That it will continue to do so in the coming years as well. As part of its 2022 plan, Netflix has suggested that it will no longer be offering any movies that require payment, making all its content free. How will this change the movie industry? And what are some of your options if you’re not on Netflix? Let’s take a closer look at where movies are headed in the next six years and what you can expect from them in terms of cost and availability.

How many new films will be on streaming?

In 2017, Netflix paid $6 billion for streaming rights. That number is expected to rise dramatically over the next 5 years. Here’s how much we think it will go up by each year: 2018: 7%; 2019: 8%; 2020: 9%; 2021: 10%; 2022 (our prediction): 11%. You’re right if you think that sounds like a ton of money! But why is Netflix willing to spend so much? They pay huge amounts because they know it works. In fact, data show that streaming users are more likely to re-subscribe than non-streaming users (read more about that here). And if they’re spending all that cash on new films, there’s no question they’ll be available in abundance. For example, in 2017.

Netflix had more than 500 movies available for streaming. By 2022, we expect that number to increase to over 1,000—or roughly three times what it was last year. So while your local movie theater may not have a lot of options when it comes time to choose a Letmethink or two with friends or family members, you can expect plenty of great choices when it comes time to watch at home via your favorite streaming service. Just make sure you’ve got some popcorn ready!

How to Stream Movies on Netflix For Free?

Netflix has been a household staple for over 20 years, but that doesn’t mean it’s always been free. In fact, until 2017, Netflix charged its members a monthly fee for access to streaming video and DVDs by mail. In December of 2016, Netflix announced that it would begin offering access via a Free Trial Plan—where new users could watch shows on-demand without paying anything at first. The catch? Users who signed up for their 30-day trial had to provide credit card information.

Which was charged $9.99 per month starting after one month of using your account. This means you can try out Netflix free for a month before having to pay if you want to continue with your subscription. But what about after 2018? Will there be any way to get movies from Netflix for free once that year comes around? Let’s take a look at what we know so far about how much Netflix will cost in five years…and whether or not there will be any way to stream movies on it without paying!

How To Sign Up on Netflix?

To sign up on Netflix, you’ll need a device with internet access. You’ll also need to provide an email address and password, as well as a credit or debit card for payment information. You can sign up for Netflix on iOS, Android and other devices through one account. (You can read more about it here.) Netflix Instant Viewing Requirements: The first thing you’ll want to do when signing up is make sure your streaming device has internet capabilities. The majority of streaming devices will allow you to stream content from Netflix if they have access to a WiFi connection.

However, some older models may not be able to support streaming content from Netflix if they don’t have an active internet connection at all times. This is typically only an issue with older models of streaming devices such as video game consoles and certain DVD players that were manufactured prior to 2010. If your model was manufactured after 2010, there’s a good chance that it will work with Netflix instant viewing no matter what kind of internet connection it has available.

Which major films are leaving streaming?

Netflix’s content is set to change significantly over the next three years. As a number of major film studios pull their licenses from Netflix & Tamilrockers at an alarming rate. In early 2017, for example, Starz made a deal with Amazon Prime Video for new releases from Sony and Disney. Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox also have agreements in place with other streaming services that prevent them from providing movies and television shows on Netflix. Considering how many films come out every year and how often studios renew contracts with distributors. There’s no shortage of changes coming down in terms of what you can watch and where. The good news?

Looking ahead at what may be coming

In a decade, who knows what Netflix’s business will look like? Most of us don’t. But we can take a few educated guesses, and it looks like movie streaming will play an even bigger role than it does today. Let’s look at some possibilities for how Netflix will evolve over the next 10 years and what you can expect. If you’re still using their service in 2022.

First, let’s look back at where they came from. The growth has been nothing short of phenomenal—it’s hard to believe that just eight years ago there was no such thing as streaming video on demand (SVOD). Netflix officially launched its online video streaming service in 2007. Beginning with a meager collection of just 100 titles. As consumers warmed up to the idea of watching movies and TV shows on demand, though, it was clear that Netflix had struck gold. In 2012 they reported over 23 million subscribers.

Popular titles expected to be on streaming for years to come

Of course, titles that come out now will be added over time. However, it’s safe to assume a few upcoming movies will become big streaming hits for years. Based on popularity and ratings, expect the Hunger Games, Pirates of The Caribbean, and Harry Potter franchises still are added five years from now. The sequels of The Hobbit and Star Wars are due by then. There should be plenty of space fantasy options as well. And let’s not forget Marvel comics/movies; Netflix users can expect all but three comic-based movies (you know which ones) to be streamed right away after the following release.

While no official dates have been announced, we predict Captain America 2 and Thor 2 coming in 2018 along with Guardians of The Galaxy 1 & 2. If you’re looking for something more indie, check out Birdman. We predict an Oscar win leading to tons of people wanting to see it ASAP. Another movie worth noting is Snowpiercer. While many people don’t even know about it yet, those who do are raving about its originality and dark humor. It’s only available on VOD at present. So we’re predicting a huge spike in interest once it becomes available for free streaming.


It’s hard to imagine a world without Netflix, and their move into original programming certainly made waves. Their ability to bring prestige TV shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and new standouts like BoJack Horseman proves. That they’re serious about dominating original content. But what happens when Netflix starts losing its licensing agreements? It could be an interesting time for streaming services, but don’t expect Netflix to go away anytime soon. The combination of originals with a massive library makes it one of the strongest players around. And you can bet your favorite movies will continue on there. With any luck, even more, free streaming titles will be available in just a few years!

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