Why You Need to Visit Melbourne

Why You Need to Visit Melbourne

If you’ve never been to a city like Melbourne, you can travel to it just for the sake of traveling. But there’s always more to a city or a new country than just a new stamp on your passport. Melbourne will offer a variety of daytime and nighttime activities to those visiting for the first time and also those who’ve been before. The chances are you’ve missed one of the things we’ll mention, or you’re simply coming for more of a unique Melbourne experience. 

There are many museums

You simply can’t travel to a new city without visiting at least one museum. Melbourne is popular for its many museums; the following three should be on your must-see list. Start by visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, and ACMI. Sports lovers shouldn’t miss out on the exhibition at the Australian Sports Museum.

The beaches are beautiful

The beaches in Melbourne are where the people flock to. Australians are all about having fun in the sun, water sports, and eating barbie (short for barbecue) every day. St Kilda beach is a must-see, especially if you stay long enough to observe cute penguins returning to their home. You can also stroll down the pier or watch a sunset or sunrise at one of Melbourne’s beaches. 

For endless greenery

If you love to spend time surrounded by carefully curated plants and luscious greenery, Melbourne has several botanical gardens for you. Each one is beautiful for its own reasons, so the order of visits is up to you. Don’t miss out on Royal Botanic Garden, which spreads across 38 hectares. Next, visit Fitzroy Gardens and Flagstaff Gardens. If you need to hide away from Melbourne’s vibrant life for an hour or two, one of these gardens will fill your cup with positive energy. 

It’ll be a city of many firsts

We often fall into a rut, so we rarely try something for the first time. We love staying in our comfort zones, so we stick to the same old routines in our city. But things change when we travel to a new city. Melbourne will be a city of many firsts. You can go on a ghost tour around the Old Melbourne Gaol, hop on a hidden bar tour, or find your path to one of the popular Melbourne brothels. There’s an exciting adventure for every type of personality in Melbourne.

Street art is one of a kind

If you want to devour Melbourne’s laneways, map out those that are renowned for street art. If you have a passion for contemporary art but those pieces that aren’t framed and put on a museum wall, explore Hosier Lane. Artists are regularly invited to adorn these lanes with new collections and pieces of art. There are also Union, Duckboard Lanes, and ACDC lanes, so these lanes are worth more than just one trip.

The monuments

When you get tired of everything, from their busy laneways to vibrant nightlife, take a day to visit their monuments. The Shrine of Remembrance can be your first stop as it is a national memorial. Then, visit the Old Melbourne Gaol, which used to be a jail. Today, this is a museum that also offers different ghost tours, as it is believed that the souls of those executed there still linger on. Even though these are just tales, spending a few hours at the Old Gaol will be fun. Lastly, visit the Immigration Museum and explore rich Australian history.

Thriving markets

Just like a visit to Melbourne won’t count if you don’t visit museums and botanical gardens, you also have to pay attention to the markets. One market, in particular, requires your attention because it’s where life happens. Queen Victoria Market is probably the largest open-air market where you can find everything and experience a lot. From amazing people, food, artwork, and performance, Queen Victoria Market will be a cherished experience.

Good coffee

Those coffee lovers out there will e satisfied with what Melbourne has to offer. Melbourne’s coffee scene is quite extensive, as coffee is the preferred choice of many Australians and all those visiting for fun, pleasure, and adventure. The art of coffee is quite cherished and appreciated in Melbourne, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place for that caffeine fix and a daily cup of joy. 

If you need more reasons to visit Melbourne, you just need to visit it. When you do, and you do everything we’ve listed out here, you’ll know why you want to return to it again.


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