Men’s shoes: how to choose according to style and occasion

Men’s shoes: how to choose according to style and occasion

Did you know that research has been done on the choice of men’s shoes and the relationship with our personality? It sounds strange, but the model you choose can tell a lot about you.

The places you go, what you prefer to do in your free time, if you are more reserved or more extroverted, for example. With that in mind, we decided to help you choose the men’s shoes that fit your way of being or the occasion you’re going to wear.

Relaxed and Spontaneous

Do you prefer daytime shows, are you the quiet type, but still like to give your look a daring once in a while? The recommended models for you are the Dockside and Moccasin. They are great to combine with lighter clothes, especially in neutral tones, and perfect for a barbecue, a trip with friends, or even a happy hour after work.

Their main point is lightness. They go very well with casual clothes, such as jeans or shorts, mid-season clothes, and even a basic blazer, if you intend to give a spontaneity to the outfit.

Trendy and Daring

Do you enjoy following a few trends from time to time, but don’t give up comfort and a more casual look? Go for the Loafer shoe. It is a modern version of the sapato mocassim, closed, with no laces or buckles, with a leather band in the upper part near the instep.

This detail can also include a metal piece similar to a buckle. It was a success in the 50s among American college students and, because it is a very casual model, it goes very well with jeans and a polo shirt.

Elegant and Stylish

If you love a dress shirt or your work requires a formal look, here is the best option: the Oxford. Oxford is a classic of classics, known for having laces, it never goes out of style. 

If you are in doubt about how to wear it, know that it fits perfectly in occasions such as meetings, evening events, or some celebration that you intend to go with a more social look, with a suit and tie. Most are usually in dark shades, such as black or brown, but some less sober models can also be a good choice for some casual programs.

Alternative and Original

Do you enjoy checking out fashion but prefer to put together your own look according to your personality? Brogue shoes, Moc Toe boots, and boots with ankle boots can fit your style perfectly.

Brogue – that which has several holes – is the shoe for those who want to balance formality with style. As there are many types on the market, the ideal is to do some research to see which colors and models suit you best.

Moc Toe boots and boots with ankle boots will add a bold touch to your look. Knowing how to choose carefully is essential, because they usually stand out in the visual composition and mark presence. Use them in places where you don’t need to be formal and have more freedom to play with your look.

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