Key Investment Opportunities You Can Achieve In Nakuru

Key Investment Opportunities You Can Achieve In Nakuru

Nakuru County has been rated as on the fastest growing town in East and central Africa. It is strategically located with major investment opportunities. Political tolerance is another factor that has made the county a haven of investment.  Nakuru County has numerous natural resources that have been exploited and continue to be exploited to grow the economy and attract local and international investors.

Real Estate and Infrastructure Development

Property development is also on the rise in Nakuru County. The upsurge of the population has resulted in a high demand for housing units. This demand has led to increase land rates. The high cost of land has therefore made housing expensive, and this is a major challenge for property buyers. However, property developers enjoys high demand of their products. Most land owner in the Nakuru CBD and its suburbs are aware of the unfolding scenario and are taking maximum advantage of it by subdividing their land into smaller parcels, selling them at high prices and then buying bigger chunks of land in other neighboring parts of the county such as Nyandarua.

What is clear is that available for expansion of Nakuru CBD is limited hence real estate development in Nakuru is a daunting task requiring huge initial capital injections. Developers already realize that existing challenges do create new opportunities. Real estate opportunities are evident in Nakuru town, but to a forward looking and perceptive investor.

Property prices in Nakuru County are usually determined by proximity to town center and transport and communication infrastructure available. Every plot and parcel of land in Nakuru County is prime, stretching the prices beyond the reach of many who may be financially unstable.

Business people now preferring to build high-rise commercial and residential units and then selling them with healthy profit margins. Purchasing residential land in Nakuru can be the best thing to do if you are considering gaining from capital gain over time since the city is now growing.

Agricultural Sector

The Nakuru County enjoys favorable climatic conditions with forests cover in large sections. They are the source of a number of streams and rivers draining to Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Elementaita and some of the Kenya’s water catchment areas.

Commercial agriculture is the lifeline of Nakuru County. Horticultural farming has so far attracted massive investment in Nakuru County. Flower farming mostly practiced in Naivasha produces the best flowers for local and export consumption. The region have the best climate for floral. Green houses are also widely practiced in Nakuru County. Green house products are mainly cultivated for export purposes in Europe. Thus, considering getting farm land in Nakuru, the time is now.


With the recent geothermal energy investment located at Ol’Karia in Naivasha and Menengai, the Government of Kenya has opened investment opportunities to the investors.


Nakuru County enjoys the best tourist attractions of Lake Nakuru National park with the most beautiful flamingo birds and other wild animals attracting both domestic and international investors. Other tourism attraction sites include Hell’s Gate, Lake Naivasha, Menengai Crater, Hyrax Hill Anthropological Site and Lake Elementaita. The tourism attraction sites in Nakuru Countys have resulted in the establishment of numerous five and three star hotels to offer accommodation for the tourists.  Entertainment joints such as clubs, bars, casinos and golf courses have also been developed to cater for the ever growing market.


With the high population of students leaving high schools, the County has attracted establishment of numerous universities and colleges has greatly contributed to the growth of Nakuru County. Students offer a wide market for various businesses especially residential places, attracting and growing the real estate industry.



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