Inspirational Quotes and Images

Inspirational Quotes and Images

There is no doubt that people are drawn to images, and inspiring speeches and quotes are in fashion now! What happens when you mix the two? You’ll get a winning combination; That’s the way it is!

The power of pictures and the zing that inspiring quotes can create is an excellent and straightforward method to get people interested in your blog posts. Here’s an example of this:

As you will see, the quote is quite powerful, and the background image is not too extravagant. Your blog must do well. If you have backgrounds that stand out against the text excessively, it will cause more irritation than attract them. Don’t forget to use a simple set with complementary hues click here.

And if you’re not convinced that motivational quotes are an excellent way to represent your brand, What better way to express your brand than taking an alternative method? Gather quotes from industry experts and apply them to prove your brand’s credibility and educate your target audience!

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Native Video

Did you know that videos are the most effective format for content on Facebook? Yes, and with a solid reason why! Research has proven that organic engagement rates are the highest for posts that contain videos, which is 13.9%. 13.9 percent.

Native videos require more effort to make; however, they’re the content that gets the most engagement on Facebook. A study of the top posts on Facebook in 2018 revealed that 81% were video content! Therefore, even though you have to spend an extra amount on video content creation, taking the plunge with the Facebook videos train could be the best option to consider in terms of generating user engagement.

If you need guidance and assistance in making social media-related videos, we suggest you look up our article about Facebook video marketing. You need all the information to expand your business’ reach on Facebook with video!

Live Video

Did this last entry shock you? Most likely not, as live streaming has gained much acclaim on the internet, and Facebook is among the top social websites for live streaming. What does this have anything to do with the company’s objectives?

Plenty! Live streaming can help your brand in many ways:

The majority of users love to interact with live streamers. This is true for both brands and freelance content makers. They’re four times more likely to listen to live streams than watch the same video!

Live streaming provides an easier and more natural interaction with your target audience, which helps to build trust and credibility for your brand followerspro.

The setup of live streaming gives you the flexibility of a live stream and is also cost-effective (it does not require any costs for post-production).

If this did not suffice to show the potential of the live stream on Facebook, maybe this will be — 35 percent of marketers are using it! Additionally, 76% plan to integrate the feature into their strategies in 2020. If we were to ask you, not using Facebook Live to its fullest could be a significant loss for your company, So why not try it?

If you require help beginning your journey with streaming on Facebook, read our guide about live streaming via social media for beginners to get helpful advice for getting started.


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