Impact of Nairobi Express Way to Kangundo Road and Its Neighborhood

Impact of Nairobi Express Way to Kangundo Road and Its Neighborhood

The Nairobi Expressway, also known as the JKIA–Westland Highway, is a toll road in Kenya, connecting Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the neighborhood of Rironi, in Kiambu County, along the Nairobi-Limuru Road.

It is one of the latest developments that was implemented to reduce the traffic flow between the two terminals.

Since it operationalization, it has resulted in growth of businesses along the highway and subsequently hike in land prices as it is the primary capital of development.

Let’s explore how in detail below:

  1. Land Prices Will Appreciate

Arguably, the most immediate impact of the Nairobi Expressway will be on the price of land surrounding it. In the past, land prices have appreciated by as much as 12 times their original value after the completion of major infrastructure projects in close proximity. A good example is property owners along the Thika Superhighway, whose land’s value skyrocketed after construction was finished and the highway became operational. Even by the most conservative measures, it will not be surprising to see their counterparts’ real estate Properties in Kamulu and Kangundo Road reap the same benefits from the expressway.

  1. Increased accessibility

With rush hour commuting time between Kangundo Road and the Nairobi CBD cut from 2 hours to 20 minutes, Kangundo Road will become a lot more accessible because of the expressway. Not only will it be more convenient to commute or transport goods to and from the city, but it will also be cheaper, seeing as the time and financial cost of being in stuck traffic will have been eliminated. This should be welcome news for anyone who owns or is looking to purchase land in the area but was discouraged by the infamous Mombasa Road snarl-ups that made getting to and leaving Kangundo Road an unpleasant experience.

  1. More Amenities

It is almost inevitable that when transport systems to an area improve, so to do the number and quality of amenities. That is exactly what residents of Kamulu and Kangundo Road have to look forward to in the months after the completion of the Nairobi Expressway. They should expect to see a growing number of hospitals, schools, places of worship and commercial centres to serve the needs of the area’s increasing population.

  1. Business Opportunities

As the region becomes increasingly accessible and more people start to live and work there, Kangundo Road will be rife with business opportunities. For the astute individual, it will be a chance to fill any gaps in the economic framework of the area and potentially earn substantial profits.

In conclusion, the Kangundo Road area will have a lot to thank the Nairobi Expressway for. Not only will land prices appreciate, the region will also become more accessible, which in turn will lead to increased amenities and business opportunities. All these factors, along with the expressway itself, will create more demand for property in the neighborhood. If you have not invested in the area already, the time to consider buying land in Kangundo road or along Mombasa road is now.



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