Download AeroInsta APK for Android free latest Version

Download AeroInsta APK for Android free latest Version

Insta Mod is a heavy-theming application with a dark version that provides all the missing features of Instagram to users who want them. AeroInsta, another passion project of Hazar BOZKURT, is a modified version of InstaULTRA by Sommer Famous from Soula Mods. Hazar BOZKURT is well-known for creating Aero apps like Whatsapp Aero Edition. This app can be run on two devices simultaneously and is available in two versions.

Pictures of high-quality Instagram profiles

A profile picture is an essential part of any account. Some people use beautiful and fresh pictures. If we are impressed by the photos, we want to see them. However, sometimes we don’t have the time or the desire to follow the correct accounts. You can download high-quality profile photos with a single click using the in-built downloader.

General Settings

Swiping can be enabled for quick navigation. This allows you to open the camera with left/right swiping, and then open the DM with right/left swiping. You can save photos, videos, or reels to your mobile gallery. Enable ‘Download Notification’ to adjust the notification panel for the post you are downloading. Split Download can be used to save videos from your gallery using your Insta Account username.

You can watch videos on IG conveniently

InstaPro Apk is without a doubt the best app to share videos, reels and photos. Official IG has some serious issues. We can’t view any video again and some parts of the video cannot be viewed. Aero Insta is a better option. To do this, you can use the camera button to access an auto button. This allows you to view your videos over and over again.

Story Setting

One of the best features of Instagram++ APK is the ability to upload a story on any social media platform. We all love to share stories with unique and attractive content. The app allows you to play stories with sound, upload high-quality stories and reels in HD quality. You can also use Story Auto skip Disable to stop the story from touching the screen. There are many editing options available for your story, including the ability to remove the Black borders and upload it without cropping. Also, there is a limit of 8-252 for Photo Capture and a variety of fonts. You can also hide viewed stories and status.

Copy Bio & Comments

Another great feature is “Copy bio and comment”, which allows you to copy the bio of your favorite person as well as unlimited comments from your followers. This makes it easy to connect with your followers. You don’t have the mobile data or the time to stay online constantly, so you can copy the comments and then view them later.

Privacy Options

You have many privacy options that will make your account secure and easy to use. There are many privacy options available, including hiding reading messages, hiding typing status, hiding a viewed article, hiding live Stream View, hiding seen tick and others. You can also disable the auto-update feature by using ‘Service Settings’. This allows your device to download any update that could cause storage issues. Crash Reports can be enabled to send crash reports to your device.

Lock your Screen

The lock option allows you to save your conversation and private storage. You can set a password, pin, fingerprint, or pattern to lock your screen. You can set the time to lock your screen. You can place an image as the background, but you cannot see the notification from the app on the locked notification panel.

Multiple Capabilities

There are many related options, such as hiding liked posts and enabling media display. Tap the post three times to open it. You can also use the Zoom option to view the posts full screen. The browser can be used to open the links.

Last words

You can read my review of Aero Insta. I hope that you learned more. InstaAero is for you if you love IG. You will find many amazing features in this version that are not available in the original. For those who like dark mods, the dark version is the best.


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