Black Salt Also Known As Kala Namak Remedy For Many Diseases

Black Salt Also Known As Kala Namak Remedy For Many Diseases

Black salt, also known as kala namak, is a Pakistani volcanic rock salt used in Pakistan, Pakistan and other Asian countries? Pakistani black salt is considered a cooling spice in Ayurvedic medicine and is recommended for a wide range of health problems such as constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and scabies, poor According to book herbs it will heal eyesight and hysteria.

In Pakistan, it is sometimes recommended for people who need to follow a low-salt diet because of high blood pressure, as it contains less sodium than ordinary table salt.

When I look back and try to remember my youth, I am filled with fond memories of a time when technology had not yet eclipsed me. My sister and I would return from school with heavy rucksacks and rush into the cool of the house after the summer heat.

My mother offered us cold lime water, which she prepared with just the right amount of ingredients and love. I still remember how she added a pinch of it and stirred it perfectly to give it a good taste.

A wonderful way to beat the summer doldrums!

I still remember how my mother used to enjoy dishes with this wonderful powdered ingredient. Whether she was adding it to raita bhundi, salad or salmon, she knew that this miracle powder is a natural flavour enhancer and has many health benefits.
Black salt or rock salt, commonly known as kala namak, is a strong smelling salt extracted from Himalayan mountain salts.

It is also called Himalayan black salt or Pakistani black salt and is sold in solid and powdered form.

So Kala Namak powder is light grey or light purple in colour.
Kala Namak is known for its healing properties and is an important ingredient in some Ayurvedic medicines, especially for the treatment of digestive ailments.
Here Kala Namak has many beneficial properties.

Antacid – treats heartburn, excessive acidity, heartburn and upset stomach.
Digestive – helps relieve stomach problems and digestive disorders such as acidity, bloating, flatulence and obesity.

Fat burner – cures bloating

Anthelmintics – can be used to treat parasitic worms.
Haematinising – increases haemoglobin levels and treats anaemia.
Haematogen – helps with red blood cell production
Controls blood pressure – because it contains less sodium than regular salt, it may be a better choice for patients with high blood pressure or for those who want to reduce the amount of sodium in their blood.

Black salt compared to regular salt

Regular salt contains more sodium then black salt
It contains fewer additives than regular salt.
Contains more minerals than ordinary salt.
The sodium content of black salt may vary depending on the brand. It is recommended to read the nutrition label before drinking.
If you are iodine deficient, it is not recommended to use black salt instead of regular salt.


There is still debate about whether black salt is healthier than regular salt. More research is needed to confirm these claims.
Moderate use is recommended; daily consumption of black salt should not exceed 6 grams.

Try our organic rock salt, which is suitable for everyday use and can also be used as a bath additive.

Our Himalayan iodised salt is ideal for people with iodine deficiency.
You can prepare a delicious bundi raita by adding a handful of Haldiram’s salty bundi, coriander leaves, a pinch of deggi mirch and a pinch of black salt to a bowl of whipped yoghurt and spices.

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