Benefits of Building a Residential House in A Gated Community In Ngong Town

Benefits of Building a Residential House in A Gated Community In Ngong Town

When making a decision to own home, there are several factors that one needs to consider. Apart from costs, there as part of the series to empower potential homebuyers, we are going to discuss the benefits of owning a house in a controlled development.

What are the benefits compared to building a house in a non-controlled area? Are other factors that are important and must be considered?


Can you imagine building your house in an estate where anyone can come and put up their structure? You are likely to end up with unfinished houses adorning the landscape, compromised quality, uncontrolled buildings etc. What you will end up with is a ‘hot mess’ of an estate.




With controlled developments, there is adequate planning for the amenities that the estate needs. Amenities like playing grounds, parking slots, shopping places, sewerage systems, garbage collection systems and schools separate perfect estates from an imperfect one.


Since building a house like we have mentioned above is a capital-intensive undertaking, you would rather do it once but do it perfectly well. This might require an extreme level of self-discipline over the years. Failure to plan as the old adage goes is certainly planning to fail.


In a controlled development, there is a guarantee that the roads and other infrastructure such as water, sewerage, power, and telecommunications will be provided efficiently without individual homeowners dipping their hands in their pockets.


The collective undertaking of providing supporting infrastructure and amenities is far cheaper than individual effort. It would be cheaper and more efficient, for example, to install electricity for 50 homes as opposed to one home.



There is safety in numbers. Controlled developments usually form gated communities where families form resident associations to look after their interests. Controlled developments take into consideration exit and entry points, perimeter walls and surrounding environment to safeguard the lives and property of residents.


Plots for sale in Ngong, has some gated communities with ready title deeds. It is ideal for residential development.

Another aspect of controlled developments is the fact that residents are comfortable in their homes. There are some unfortunate scenarios where some estates that were accessible before the rains were swiftly converted into lakes when the heavens gave way. This includes selecting land in an area that is not prone to natural disasters like flooding, erosion among others.


When homeowners buy their plots individually, they tend to develop their parcels of land using their tastes and preferences and their resource abilities.

However, this approach may not match the needs or aspirations of the broader community. The controlled developments ensure that all landowners are put into consideration when buildings are put up.



The peace of mind that comes with putting your home in a controlled development is worth every coin. Some people tend to buy land then start to build with time.

However, this method eventually ends up being expensive in the long run. But when you pay extra amount of money in a controlled development, you are basically taking up a peaceful development process that is convenient.

The real estate developer sorts out the required amenities as you think about other important matters to attend to.




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