A Comparison of Smartsheet Software vs Box Software

A Comparison of Smartsheet Software vs Box Software

Nowadays, it has become extremely important for business organizations to streamline their workflow processes, or in other words, implement improved project management. Since different organizations have varying business processes, it is essential to have tools that align with specific objectives. Fortunately, there are a variety of software applications available now, that easily cater to different business needs. In the following article, we compare Smartsheet software vs Box software, which are counted among some of the best project management software available in the market.  


Smartsheet Project Management Software 

Designed as a work execution platform, one of the standout factors of this software is its spreadsheet-oriented interface, which is something many users are readily familiar with. Smartsheet project management software standardizes workflows, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration.  


Smartsheet project management software includes a comprehensive range of features. Users can also make the software fit their individual workflow preferences. Following, we discuss some of the key features of the software:  

Executive Visibility 

Smartsheet centralizes your team’s information and resources. It also provides a real-time view of the project status, along with KPIs and visuals.  

Project Management 

The smartly designed interface of the software allows easy tracking and visualizing of your work. Users can switch between different views without hassle. Currently, the software offers grid, Gantt, card, and calendar viewing options.  

Team Collaboration 

Team members working on projects will find it simpler to collaborate efforts through Smartsheet. The software empowers teams to finish projects more efficiently. They will find it quicker to complete individual tasks and find accountability in their work.  

Forms & Data Collection 

Smartsheets forms utility can be customized to match your brand identity. You can use these forms to collect accurate and consistent data from internal and external sources.  

Task Automation 

You can automate your daily tasks to save time and maximize productivity. The feature eliminates useless hassle so your employees can make their workflows simpler. 

Content Management 

As a running business, you will have no end to content production. Using Smartsheet, you can streamline the process of planning, managing, and reviewing different content. You can also publish it Brandfolder by Smartsheet, which is an incredible digital asset management tool.  


Smartsheet Demo 

If you want a real-time experience of how Smartsheet project management software works and if it is beneficial for your particular business workflows, you should book a software demo. You can do so easily and for free through Software Finder.  


Smartsheet Pricing 

As per paying the Smartsheet cost annually, you will incur $7 per month per user. This is the starting Smartsheet pricing. If you are a non-profit organization, school, or government agency, you may receive additional discounts on annual plans. There is no free version available for the software but users can access the free trial before purchasing a plan.  


Smartsheet Reviews 

Based on ease of use, value for money, functionality, and customer support, the average rating of Smartsheet project management software is 4.48/5. Users have greatly appreciated the number of functionalities offered by the software. On the other hand, users find it inconvenient that it does not work offline and there seems to be a learning curve to start using it. 


Box Project Management Software 

Box is a platform that can make managing your organization’s entire content lifecycle simpler and more optimized. No matter what your industry is, your organization is bound to have a significant amount of valuable data. The Box Content Cloud is the solution to manage it through one platform without hassle.  


Box project management software provides a centralized manner of creating, sharing, storing, and classifying content. Following are a few key features of the software:  

File Management 

The file management system of the Box software allows searching for specific content files, file type support, device syncing, integration with mobile applications, and web interface.  


With Box, content can be made more accessible across team members. They will be able to share content files, follow a particular file, edit simultaneously, track changes, and manage audit logs.  


Through the administration feature, you can define user and management roles, implement single sign-on, and create policies and controls. Furthermore, there are utilities for device management, storage limits, and security.  


Box Demo 

You can schedule a free Box demo to understand the functions and benefits of the software in a better way. You can book the demo through Software Finder.  


Box Pricing 

There are four packages offered by Box. These include starter, business, business plus, and enterprise packages. The starter, business, and business plus plans cost $5, $15, and $25 per user per month, respectively. For the enterprise package, you will have to contact the company to get Box pricing details. A free version is also available for one user at a time. Users can also try the 2-week free trial of the software.  


Box Reviews 

The Box project management software has been rated 4.36/5 based on ease of use, value for money, functionality, and customer support. Users find it quite handy when it comes to setting up and using multiple features. They also appreciate that the software has a desktop version. On the other hand, it has been reported that the software crashes at times, and glitches like multiple devices not syncing have also been noticed. Meanwhile, users accessing the free version have expressed their preference for increasing the file upload size limit.  


Smartsheet Software vs Box Software — The Takeaway 

Following the individual analysis of the two software, it is obvious that both have their pros and cons. However, there is a definite distinction between their nature. Smartsheet is an ideal software for optimizing workflows. On the other hand, Box software is particularly designed for projects dealing with a lot of physical content and the associated processes. Therefore, the conclusion of comparing Smartsheet software vs Box software is that your choice depends on business objectives. While you can book a free demo for both software applications, if your workflows majorly deal with content, you should surely try the free trial offered by Box.  


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