8x Sports News In Vietnam

8x Sports News In Vietnam

Those of us that are interested in sports news in Vietnam can find a wide variety of newspapers and websites online. You can get news about football, basketball, cricket, and many other sports from a variety of sources. Some of these sources include YouSport 790, Lao Dong Online, Thao 247, Xem the Van Hoa, and YeuTheThao.


Several sports news websites in Vietnam offer coverage of sports events. They provide news, live scores, video content, and predictions for upcoming games. Some sites offer sports betting. Some focus on local sports while others cover worldwide sports news.

One of the largest sports news sites in Vietnam is YeuTheThao. It provides news on football, basketball, volleyball, and martial arts. It also offers analysis of major worldwide competitions. Its content is updated every day. Its mobile version is available for iOS and Android clients. You can also make predictions, view live reporting, and interact with other sports fans. You can also buy tickets for sporting events through the site.

Thao 247

Among the sports news websites in Vietnam, one of the largest is 8X sports news. The website is updated around the clock and features live scores, news on teams and players, and discussion forums for a range of sports. It is available in both Vietnamese and English. You can also check out the scores and standings of the Viet Nam national team.

The website is run by Yeu The Thao JSC, a sports media company in Vietnam. The website provides detailed coverage of all types of sports including tennis, basketball, volleyball, e-sports, and soccer. The site also offers articles and videos. You can check out the site’s calendar of upcoming events, book tickets for sports venues, and play a prediction game.


Xem the thao 789 is one of the leading sports media websites in Vietnam. It covers a wide variety of sports and has a rapidly growing readership. The site’s content is written by vetted professionals. It is also updated consistently. It offers articles about football, e-sports, and other sports.

Another popular Vietnamese sports news site is YouSport 8xbet. It covers a variety of sports, but primarily focuses on football. It also provides live scores, predictions, and betting news. You can also book tickets for sports events, connect with other fans, and participate in discussion forums. The site is also accessible on an iOS and Android application.

Xem the Van Hoa Newspaper

Xem the Van Hoa Newspaper is an 8x sports newspaper in Vietnam that provides news about different sports and other events. The newspaper is updated daily and is available in English, Vietnamese and other languages. It is also available on mobile devices.

The newspaper’s content is aimed at providing comprehensive coverage of major events. It has a dedicated community of sports fans who use the website to get information about various sports. The website also has an online forum where you can post your own thoughts about sports. The site also has articles written by vetted professionals. You can also play online betting games on the site. The website also offers live scores and predictions of upcoming games.

YouSport 790 news

Whether you are a fan of the national team or a diehard fan of a particular local team, YouSport 790 is a great source for all your football news. This site offers live scores, news articles, and video content. The site’s e-sports section is also a nice feature.

YouSport 790 is one of the most popular online sports news sites in Vietnam. You can check out the site’s sports calendar for upcoming events and local leagues. YouSport also provides a sports prediction game that’s sure to keep you entertained.

YouSport 790 isn’t the only website in Vietnam that covers the sports. There are several other websites that offer sports news, scores, and video content.

Lao Dong Online

Among the various sports websites in Vietnam, EightX sports news is a worthy contender in the online sports information space. The site provides comprehensive coverage of all major sporting events in Vietnam. Its video library is also a definite plus. The site is fast gaining ground as a reliable source of sports news in the country.

The site offers a large database of breaking news stories, discussion forums for all sports, and a plethora of features and benefits. The site’s homepage is chock full of headlines from all over the web. It also offers ticket booking, refund management, and other services for sports fans.


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